Instant getaway to Kenyan wildlife


Virry VR: A new conceptual way of interacting with wild animals

It is a series of interactive educational VR products filmed in 4K VR at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya, home to the most endangered African megafauna: Black and White Rhinos, Lions and African elephants.
Virry VR is available for PS VR and Oculus Rift and Gear VR. It is all about giving the player a deeply impressive experience of meeting wild African animals up close.
It uses technology to connect you to the wild by helping you form a bond with these wild animals.

What is so unique about Virry VR ?

It’s a chance to take a short break to visit Kenya and interact with the wildlife without leaving your home or workplace. An actual safari experience costs around $5,000/week, whereas Virry VR is $4.99 or $9.99 depending on the platform. You can come back as often as you like. Even when you are feeling the blues - it’s the quickest and the safest experience to immediately reset your mental state.

What types of content does Virry VR have ?

There are three types of content in every edition of Virry VR:

  • Interactive experiences with animals
  • Relaxing landscape experiences – perfect for meditation
  • 3 live cameras broadcasting from the LEWA Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya.

What other Virry products are available?

The Virry family and children app for iOS (including Apple TV!) and Android won Webby, BAFTA and Lovies Awards. It has been recommended by the Educational App Store for using at schools.
Check it out! With more animals and more wildlife partners!
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Virry VR: Feel the Wild Trailer

Download Virry VR: Feel the Wild for PS VR

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Virry VR's incredible technology is gripping and inspiring, taking the younger generation into the wild to learn first-hand about the importance of the natural world.

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Alexander Rhodes
a board member of
TUSK, leading conservation
patroned by the Royal Family

Stanford VR Lab

I have seen thousands of spherical videos, and the footage from Virry VR is the most stunning nature scenes I have ever seen in any medium. Seeing a big Rhino, in its natural home, from the perspective of a mud puddle inches away, or having a Lion literally lick my face to test if I am edible, was among the coolest things I have done in VR to date. I predict this project will be a huge success in motivating people to learn more about nature and ecosystems.

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Jeremy Bailenson
Founding Director of
Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Stanford University

The Gorilla Organisation

In years gone by we envisioned an 'electronic safari' where people could encounter nature from afar so that wild animals could be left in peace. I’m happy to say that day has come.

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Jillian Miller Founder
founder of
The Gorilla Organisation

Virry team

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Svetlana Dragayeva

    CEO Virry, Fountain Digital Labs

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Martin Percy

    Interactive Director

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Joanna Fogler

    Line Producer

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Ian D Murphy

    Director of Photography

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Jacob Krzemień

    CTO (Chief Technology Oficer)

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Yuliya Markunina

    Product Supervisor

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Jonathan Barnbrook

    UX / Brand Identity

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Anil Aykan Barnbrook

    UX / Brand Identity

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Gail F. Melson, Ph.D

    Professor Emerita in the Department of Human Development & Family Studies, Purdue University.

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Evgeniy Polevshikov

    CTO (backend)

  • Virry VR Team member avatar

    Baby Kitui

    Critically Endangered Black Rhino

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